Winter Magick

The end of January and the start of February is on the horizon. It is also Imbolc, the halfway point between winter and summer solstice. But what magic can we find in these cold and dark winter days? Well, a lot!

"As above, so below" is one of my favorites because I reflect on how the Universe + Mother Earth can teach me the true meaning of life and behind the phrase “as above so below”. As The UFO Woman and a Cosmic Witch, this resonates with me on the deepest of levels.

It’s such a gift to be able to celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year as we move forward with each passing season.

We learn to be more present, more appreciative of the enchantment of each season, and to gain knowledge for our own life cycles by doing so.

Winter's element is air. It is masculine. Its color is white (snow!) and its planet is Jupiter. This is the perfect time to draw inwards. To contemplate and do the shadow work you've been putting off.

Snow hold magickal water in its crystals. Use it for spell work, rituals, and even watering your indoor plants. Thanks the Universe for providing the magic and she will give you the rewards you deserve in return.



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