What is Cosmic Magick?

When you think of magick, you probably don't think of the cosmos or aliens. Most think of witchcraft, magic wands, Harry Potter, or perhaps fortune telling. And in a sense, this is what I practice—only on a grandeur scale in order to reach the other realms that both intergalactic and spirits communicate.

Just so we are clear, this is not about worshipping anything, but rather about connecting to our earthly and cosmic magick which lies within ancient knowledge we have forgotten about. Many want to make religions out of theories, practices, and rituals. This is not surprising, since magickal and mystical acts has been the main function of many religious followings.

One way I use divination in my practice is Tarot cards. I use them to reach other realms. It has been used for more than two hundred years. Only in the late eighteenth century did the symbolism on the cards acquire a higher spiritual meaning. The cards in conjunction with other practices, can be used as potent instruments of ritual magick.

A deck of Tarot cards contains everything you need to work a complete and effective system of ritual magic. With the cards alone, you can construct a cosmic temple like I did here. The elemental forces of nature while communicating with intergalactic entities and spirits can help you accomplish any purpose you would seek to achieve through more cumbersome methods of ceremonial "magick".


Melisa Kennedy, The UFO Woman

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I'm known as the UFO Woman or the UFO Witch because I combine what I do with witchcraft, magick, spirituality, & otherworldly manifestation!

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