"Magickal Encounters" - 5 Ways to Connect with Your Alien Ancestors

Pleiadian Aliens are believed to be one of our intergalactic ancestors. They are also known as Nordic Aliens, and are said to resemble humans in many ways. They exist in different space and time dimensions as they have the ability to control the authority of spiritual spaces. Therefore, we can connect with them spiritually through rituals.

Each new year, especially this week with the meteor shower and new moon, marks a time when the veil to otherworldly connections is its thinnest and we are able to communicate easier. It's a time to connect deeply with our intergalactic roots and to remember our spirit and ET guides. For those of us with RH- blood in particular, it is the time to honor the heavenly beings within our bloodlines.

1. Create an ancestor altar and/or shrine

An alien ancestor altar is a place to join forces with your intergalactic guides and to work together in divination, past and present life explorations, and anything else to help you reach your goals this year.

2. Visit locations of local UFO sightings.

3. Write letters to your alien ancestors.

This practice can easily open the door to communication and to practices such as automatic writing.

4. Research your family lineage & hieroglyphics

Now a days, there are so many ways to research your family's ancestry line to see if you have RH- bloodlines, connected to the Pleiadians, or Egyptian Alien Hieroglyphics.

5. Dedicate a crystal to your intergalactic guides.

Choose a crystal of your liking or one that speaks to you intuitively. Thus, the one you intend to only use for connecting with your alien ancestors. This crystal can be programmed to link you to your bloodline either during ritual or meditation.

Although it may seem silly at first, just simply visualizing your intergalactic guides, using all forms of magick at your disposal, because visualization is huge when it comes to connecting with the other realms! Try to imagine them sitting next to you, helping you with life in this 3rd dimension.

How do you connect with your alien ancestors? Share in the comments below.



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