Harvesting Lavender for Spells

The full moon energy this week was super intense this time around for myself. So I decided to harvest my garden of Lavender and make some empowering spell tea.

Since it's still the beginning of the year, it is a good time to do all sorts of cleansing, clearing, and balancing spells using lavender. Chakra cleansing is the best self-love you can do!

Tools You'll Need for This Spell:

  • White Candle

  • Lavender Flowers or Essential Oil

  • Clear Quartz Crystal

To do this spell, sit quietly and visualize each chakra, starting at the bottom, which is the root (base of the spine).

Repeat the following spell for each of your seven chakras and the energy will begin moving freely:

Chakra clean and chakra clear, Bring me good energy throughout this year.

Love & Cosmic Magick,


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