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Why hello there! I am Melisa, a forty-something ufologist, paranormal investigator, author, pyschic medium, tarot hoarder and cottage witch. I have one grown child (who shall remain nameless for privacy/safety). I definitely was not raised in a magickal family, but have evolved over the past 25 years into a solitary practitioner, investigator, educator and researcher.

Despite only coming out of the broom closet in recent years, I started my UFO journey in my 20's while teaching on an Indian Reservation in Arizona. While there, I had my first UFO sighting in 1997... you may have heard of it, it's a famous one referred to as the "Phoenix Lights".

Over time, I've become known as The UFO Woman and a RH- Theorist. If you don't know what RH- blood type has to do with the UFO world, catch one of my shows or courses. It will blow your socks off!

This blog won't stick to any sort of posting schedule or be overly educational (at least in the usual sense). This will be a fun space for me to share with anyone who wants to read what I'm up to.



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I'm known as the UFO Woman or the UFO Witch because I combine what I do with witchcraft, magick, spirituality, & otherworldly manifestation!

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