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Online Courses & In-Person Events, plus Research and Museum Centre coming soon to the presidential town of Plains, GA.  
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A Variety of Ufology
& Mysticism

This is your centre for Ufology and Mysticism studies.  We provide a state of the art online learning platform, accessible from anywhere, learning available 24/7.

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Earn Diplomas in all of our courses.  All courses have certificate assessment (tests) requirements that are graded so you can earn a Diploma with a passing assessment in a wide range of subject areas. Wherever your journey leads you, our centre for Ufology and Mysticism can take you there.

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Dream. Learn. Achieve.

Welcome to Education of a Higher Realm.

In this online portal of uncensored knowledge, you will find a variety of courses filled with 10 modules typically as well as course assessments to earn your diploma.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from West Virginia University, as well as countless post-collegiate hours in various fields, I know the hard work and quality it takes to make this great.  After 25 years of UFO sightings, research, ET contact, and public school teaching, I felt it was time to open our centre.

I hope you enjoy your courses,

Melisa S. Kennedy

Founder, The Kennedy Centre of Ufology & Mysticism

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