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Beholder of otherworldly knowledge. 

Remembering our sacred secrets while bringing ancient alien magick & history into the modern day.

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Book Synop

In Melisa's dystopian book, Blood Of The Kingdom, eighteen-year-old Mae Morgan lives alone with her mother in a small town where she starts to discover her supernatural powers. The story that addresses the human struggles for survival between a government and alien alliance determined to change the world as we know it. 


Otherworldly and extraordinarily suspenseful, Blood Of The Kingdom captures the struggle between falling victim to a superior alien race, defying our human instincts, and satisfying our desires. This is a love story and a sci-fi thriller rolled into one. 

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This is not a religion.

Religions aren't my thing.  Plus, I'm way too CURIOUS about the universe which proves to be too much for the both of us.

I have a lot of interests.

Please don't box me into just UFOs.  My never-ending search for inspiration, answers, and entertainment lead me to things such as witchcraft, ghost hunting, and collecting antiques to planting pink rose gardens and skipping through Disney's Magic Kingdom.

I am also the owner of BMK Publishing where wonderful authors of all genres work with me to share their books.  Check it out here.

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Every decision we make will either empower us or control us with fear. Sadly,  in today's world we live disconnected from ourselves, the earth and each other.


Join me in embracing this cosmic divine living.  You come from the stars and you live on a star, literally. I will teach you how to unlock your inner goddess in the cosmic  force and the source of the world, as well as how ancient aliens and present day intergalactics can be helpful in our journey.


You know it starts with yourself, but together we can build a better world with divine cosmic consciousness.

Melisa Kennedy, The UFO Woman & Witch

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